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Why Travel with Us?

Why Travel with Us?

We are one of the leading trek & expedition organizers in Nepal & Tibet. Since the establishment of the company in 1994 under the leadership of famous climber Ang Rita Sherpa we were able to prove ourselves as one of the leading adventure specialists to organize trekking, peak climbing and Himalaya expeditions in Nepal & Tibet. Over the years we have organized hundreds of trekking trips in most of the  regions in Nepal and successfully arranged climbing trips on the Himalayas including several 8000 m. peaks  in Nepal and Tibet to the great satisfaction to our valued clients.

We strongly believe in quality rather than in quantity. We are a small company but efficient in specializing adventure travel holidays in Nepal & Tibet. We cater our services to all size of the groups. However, our arrangement will make sure that our handling crew can give personal attention to our all valued clients during their travelling. We equally give priority in organizing smaller holiday adventures to our clients to meet the high standard of their personal needs.

We are firmly committed to provide professional and good quality services to our clients. Besides the formal training, most of the crew members of our company have got the experience in organizing the trips under the carful guidance of Ang Rita Sherpa who earned the fame in the climbing history. With the powerful support of well-trained and rich-experienced Sherpas, we have been providing high quality services to our valued customers over the yeras. Our services surpass those offered by international companies and reliability, motivation and professionalism are reflected in organizing all our trips of adventure trekking, peak climbing, mountaineering and Himalaya expedition in Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan.

As a professional adventure organizer, we prepare tailor made itineraries to suit to the needs of our valued clients besides the standard and popular travel programs. Our priority to smaller groups give us ample opportunities to prepare customized itineraries based on the varied interests of the clients. Whether your interest is a day hike to get to the top of the mountain or a ridge or a hike for a month passing through the villages in the shadow of the towering snow peaks, valleys, mountain pass or climbing on snow peaks in the Himalays, we deserve the expertise to organize it as per your need and interest.

We always give priority to customer care. We will be with you all the time from the time you land at the airport in Kathmandu till your final departure to your country. We provide you up-to-date briefing of the trip, make all the necessary logistic arrangements such as permit, domestic flight ticket, airport transfer, land transfers and assign well qualified crew members to ensure that you get the best service whether it is for lodge trekking, camping trekking or climbing on Himalayas. Our care to our clients make them travel with us year after year.

Safety is our major concern in all our travel programs. Trekking  in high altitude could cause high altitude sickness, however our itinerary is scheduled for the proper acclimatization while gradually gaining the altitude in the trekking. Our guides are well experienced and trained to handle altitude sickness. We provide gamow bag ( PAC bag ) upon request ( payable ) for any trekking or climbing trips. Furthermore each trip will have a first aid kit for the minor treatment. We provide emergency helicopter rescue (payable after arriving in Kathmandu) in the case of severe altitude sickness and other accidents.

Our trips are planned and executed taking good care for nature & environment. We strongly believe that our trips should have as less impact as possible in the nature and the culture and tradition of the people in the villages. Our crew members are well trained for destroying the  garbage produced in the camp sites and keep the places clean.

We firmly believe that our field staffs are the back bone of the company, without them we would not have come at this stage. They are well paid for their hard work and provided with  the proper clothing, foot ware and shelters, so they have been working with us for years. We are aware that no porter should be asked to carry a load that is too heavy for their physical abilities and the weight limit should be adjusted for altitude, weather and trail condition. All our crew members are insured for sickness and accident.

Above all we are locally based and offer the most reasonable and affordable cost for our valued clients. The trips that we offer to you have unbeatable value for the money compared to the price of the same trips offered by international adventure companies with the same standard of the service. It is because we are locally based and have low overhead cost for organizing the trips without compromising the quality of the service. In some way we can say that the cost of our trips will be a small fraction of the cost of the international adventure companies. Most of our business comprises of the clients recommended from our old customers and the internet based inquiries which prove our customers satisfaction.

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